About Us

Founder and owners of some of Chicagoland’s Indian owned companies, Jagmohan Jayara (India House, India House Catering, Pearl Banquets, Waterford Banquets) and Ravi (Chic Chef Catering) are two brothers joining forces to provide their clients with fast, yet deliciously authentic Indian dishes.

Their story begins in U.P India from a family of humble roots and passionately driven individuals. The Jayara family migrated to the United States in 1985 and were raised in the north side of Chicago. The love for providing memorable dining experiences came naturally to these gentlemen at a young age. With their father, Prem Singh, being a world-renowned Chef (RIP) it was almost impossible not to. Both being highly experienced in the hospitality industry, they thrived off their core family values and ventured each on their own making their names in the Chicagoland event and food scene. For the past ten years they have been wanting to collaborate on this project and with the unexpected change in the service industry they now finally get the opportunity to.

“We are very excited to combine our talents together and share a piece of our home with you, at yours”